2D Milling

GibbsCAM 2D Milling

Duration: 1 Days

Price: $500.00

Minimun: 2 Students

Prerequisite: Students are encouraged to complete GibbsCAM tutorials from

GibbsCAM training manuals.

In this detailed one-day course, beginner machinists or first-time GibbsCAM users learn the introductory basics of the 2D mill software:

- Machine set-up and stock definition

- Software layout, terminology and configuration

- Part geometry: ways to draw part geometry; how to simplify creation and manipulation of part geometry

- Modifying origin and viewing capabilities

- Importing geometry data (IGES, DXF, DWG)

- Create tools

- Build processes for machining: hole making, face milling, pocketing and contouring

- Sorting, manipulating and optimizing machining operations

- Cut part rendering and tool path verification - Creating process data sheets
- Post-processing
- Communications 

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